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Debian GNU/Linux

Debian small, secure installation guides for modern amd64
Installing Debian minimum base system for modern amd64, 6~7th gen. Intel Core CPU, with LVM-over-LUKS system encryption, and more. For desktops (GNOME) and low load local servers.
Why GUI on Debian is slow on Intel PCs, and its solution
On modern Intel PC, standard installation shows poor video motion quality. This article show why and how to resolve it.
Fast APT with tmpfs (with plenty DRAM) and Apt-Cacher NG
APT can be super fast, if you have enough (4GB) DRAM (and have multiple Debian hosts).


LVM LV and filesystem extend on LVM over LUKS system.
How to extend LVM LV and ext4, including "/" root partition.
Utilize XDG dirs as userland tmpfs
Sometimes userland tmpfs seems attractive. XDG already provided the solution.
sshfs, secure and simple remote filesystem.
Introduces a smart and secure remote filesystem mount method.


Removable and isolated Scan/Rescue Debian Device for emergency
Shows edisk for emergency and offline scanning without booting the target with its filesystem (useful for rootkit scanning).