Our site's Google Analytics will be suspended for a while@news

We suspend using Google Analytics due to some potential security problems.

Debian 10.4, 9.12 and bullseye@news

Debian team released 10.4 (and 9.12). We are using both, and just started bullseye. Problems with buster GNOME (drm hangs). Some pitfalls around Secure Boot and Intel 300 chipset motherboards (stretch).

[SECURITY UPDATE] logcheck ignore database v0.13@news

logcheck ignore database v0.13 released (more suppression for sensitive information).

[SECURITY UPDATE] logcheck ignore database v0.11@news

logcheck ignore database v0.11 released, with dmesg related security issue fix.

Debian 10.2 and our "buster" version guide@news

Debian team will release new stable, 10.2, in a few weeks.

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