Debian 10.2 and our "buster" version guide

First of all, great job and thank you, Debian team! Debian 10.2 seems to be available in a few weeks.

On the other hand, it's pity we cannot release our "buster" version guide. We almost reach there, but need more tests on actual machines.

  1. Unfortunately, our resource is tight now and cannot "clean install" using various amd64 generations.
  2. In addition to that, UEFI Secure Boot related behavior confuse us.
    • Case #1: Kaby Lake/Z270 seems fine at a glance.
      • GPT, ESP, Secure Boot certs are okay, but no kernel lock down.
    • Case #2: Skylake/H110 seems odd (plain buster install).
      • GPT, no-ESP, Secure Boot lacks motherboard cert, no kernel lock down.
    • Case #3: same machine above (with installed SSD by other machine).
      • GPT, ESP. BIOS cannot detect it bootable. BIOS override required.
      • Secure Boot is enabled without M/B cert. Kernel is locked down.
  3. Managing different editions of guides is becoming a problem for us.
    • Updates on the top page already confuse you, too, we guess.
    • So, we will "freeze" those stretch guides (1st and 2nd) soon.
    • We may separate some common sections in the future.
    • Ideally, single guides with some explanation articles sounds good (our guides are no longer "short").

After 10.2 release, we will re-check, then we may be able to publish "buster edition".

Thanks for reading. Have a nice week.

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