Debian stretch base installation for modern amd64

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Rev 8

Minor tweaks.

This series of guides shows a minimum Debian GNU/Linux Stretch 9.11 base system installation for a modern amd64 PC.


  • For a modern amd64 PC.
    • such as Intel Skylake, Kaby lake (for desktop.)
    • Intel Apollo Lake SoC and Gemini Lake SoC (for low load servers.)
    • modern PC, such as SSD/NVMe installed.
  • Small base system, but not so much reduced.
    • Basic CLI only, if you stop at the first three sections.
    • If you do need very minimum Linux, consider Gentoo and/or Alpine Linux.
  • Using LVM for future extensibility.
    • LVM-over-LUKS pattern.
    • Recommends small LVM LV sizes since we can easily extend them.
  • Settings mainly aim to manage the system easily.
    • It's almost a standard Debian GNU/Linux.
  • Secure as much as possible without heavy configurations.
    • LUKS System encryption except /boot.
    • Separated filesystem with a bit restricted mount options.
    • It does not use "ro" mount options (2nd. edition will).
    • Optional securetty, PAM su restriction, LSM, etc (2nd. edition requires some).
  • Can be applied on ordinal desktops and/or low load servers.
    • Your LOCAL low load servers; if you want some REMOTE servers, be careful on securetty and PAM settings.
    • GNOME (Japanese) desktop in small footprint.


Tested 9.9 by Skylake, Kaby lake, with both NVMe and SATA SSDs, upgraded into 9.11 (GNOME desktop).

Tested 9.8 by Gemini Lake and upgraded into 9.11 (CLI only.)

Table of contents

If you want Debian base system only, use the first 3 sections.

Reading and setting though out these guide, you will have a Japanese GNOME desktop with relatively small size.

Initial install and minimum settings

These three sections are tightly connected.

If you use this guide, please finish these three guides at once, in this order.

  1. Installing Debian base system for modern amd64
  1. Debian post installation settings
  1. Debian manual network and security settings

GNOME Desktop (optional)

If you want GNOME Japanese desktop with small footprint, refer to these optional sections.

  1. GNOME easy lazy small installation for modern amd64 Debian
  1. Japanese Input Method for GNOME on Debian.
  1. Making GNOME on Debian slim.
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