Debian Buster Release and our observations

First, Congratulations, Debian team!

Debian Buster is attractive especially it has Linux Kernel 4.19, which supports AMD Ryzen APU (Raven Ridge) and ALPM (in 4.15).

However, we should be cautious.

Rev 2

Fix URLs; now Buster is stable.

Notes for Stretch users

At first, tier1.jp does NOT recommend to upgrade so soon.

Here is some example issues, from Debian Buster Release Notes.


Our observations and opinions

  1. Debian Buster uses on-disk LUKS2.
    • You can upgrade Stretch LUKS1, but cannot use all of the LUKS2 features.
    • It is about header size; We (will) recommend clean install.
  2. Issues around glibc and PostgreSQL re-index.
  1. GNOME/Wayland issues.
    • In short, some applications may not work properly.
    • Many of GNOME apps also produces tons of debug/warning/error logs with our security settings.
  2. iptables and nftables.
    • netfilter-persistent does not seems to work with iptables rules.
    • Use iptables-save and confirm the firewall up on cold boots.
    • Of course it would be recommended to migrate to nftables.
  3. sshd auth.

This is least. Again, please read the Debian Buster Release Notes completely before using Buster.


Debian Buster has too many upgrades; we should be cautious about this simple fact.


If you use stable instead of code names such as stretch, please be cautious about it.

It could upgrade your system automatically after the Buster release.

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