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Utilize XDG dirs as userland tmpfs@guide

Sometimes userland tmpfs seems attractive. XDG already provided the solution.

Debian settings for suspend, sensors, etc. (2nd.)@guide

Debian stretch setting for suspend-to-RAM, APT-Cacher NG, sensors, S.M.A.R.T., etc.

Debian read only root filesystem on LVM-over-LUKS (2nd.)@guide

Debian stretch with read-only root file system and some other patches.

Amounts of separated mountpoints (GNOME)@article

Quick and dirty, a tentative summary of statistics of the amounts of separated mountpoints. How much should they be? (UPDATED; Buster)

Debian stretch base installation for modern amd64@guide

Introduction and a table of contents about Debian Stretch base system installation and setting guides, for modern amd64 PC.

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